Nash Artists' Labo

Nash Artists' Labo

With style and artistry in mind, we maximize the creativity unique to each artist working at SoundArt Creation Nash Studio.

Nash Music Channel

Is it cheap because the app contains music made by amateur musicians? Or does it play songs that failed to be commercial hits?

We often receive the following inquiries regarding the Nash Music Channel, our background music player app, which offers the lowest subscription price in Japan (at least currently.) "Is it cheap because the app contains music made by amateur musicians? Or does it play songs that failed to be commercial hits?" How come this low fee? (350 Japanese yen, the equivalent of $3.00 per month.) There seem to be quite a few people who are wondering about that. In setting the price, some of our staff voiced (quite a few internal opinions, actually) that a monthly fee of about 1,000 yen would be appropriate. As a result of researching the whole domestic background music market and looking into the services of other companies, the amount seemed decent enough; but I could not shake off a doubt. Background music clients are mostly stores, shops, and restaurants. The total number of users would be limited. You cannot expect a sudden expansion of the user base if you only provide another conventional background music service. Won't we end up becoming just one more vendor to scramble for clients? We may accelerate price competition and cause unwanted suffering among background music companies. If the background music industry, the work available for musicians will decrease, or worse, they may be forced out of the profession. The problem falls on us, we musicians who make music at the end of the day. We never want to strangle ourselves and others involved in music production. We should not enter the market, just like that. We have to bring new things that have a positive effect on the situation surrounding us. If we could revitalize the background music industry, it might lead to a better world for us musicians, at least. That way more of us might have the chance to become actively involved in the business. We considered, weighing the pros and cons, going through trial and error in our thoughts. Here's our answer to "How come this low fee? "Not to win the lowest price competition, of course. We lower the fee as much as possible to develop a new user base that has been unfamiliar with background music services. There should be more people in this society who have the potential to use background music. Not only retail shops but also event organizers; youngsters who live stream on SNS; expressive people who perform in shows or plays; families who want to enjoy the atmosphere of eating out even at home; friends who seek extra fun when playing games. We want everyone to know the pleasure of adding some background music to their life. Besides, some people are hesitant to play background music in public because they are concerned about music copyright and legal issues. Some stores may be restricted by their tight budget. It's generally known that you need to pay a license fee to the copyright holder before playing audio in public places via a commercial CD or music streaming service. It could be too expensive, a lot of hassle. Our wish is that a wide range of people in society and really everyone starts using background music without such worries. We want to liberate the people from conventional rules in terms of playing music in public. For that ideal, 1,000 yen per month would be too expensive. Fortunately, our main business has been the "Nash Music Library," which provides background music to broadcasters and video content creators. The service celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2018, always patronised by people who need background music for their creative projects. Even if we lower the price of the Nash Music Channel, it won't necessarily bring us down. To provide background music to a broader range of users, Isn't this our new mission? Thus, we went for 350 yen per month and developed a mobile app that's suitably simple and easy to use.  We'll make a society that can choose and use background music depending on mood, place, purpose, or any particular interest. We'll make it possible for people to carry the audio around to play it anytime, anywhere. That was our vision upon the launch of the Nash Music Channel.


We work like potters who create everyday plates and utensils.

The artists at our studio always work in earnest to create new pieces of music. However, compared with general music production studios, our way of making music may be compared to the artistry of a pottery studio where they make tableware and utensils; products that are specifically designed for daily use. Tableware is something that everyone uses. We need lots of it, and in different colors, shapes, and sizes: Choices for daily use that we won't tire of too soon. There should be pieces of simple taste and others to convey a luxurious atmosphere; Japanese patterns and Western-style varieties; perhaps with stylishly unusual angles, and also surprisingly experimental designs that you would not expect to be used as plates or utensils. There are all kinds of cuisines in the world. Accordingly, a wide variety of tableware is needed to serve them attractively and practically. Our background music production method has a lot in common with the way tableware is created. We are engaged in crafting music that provides an accompaniment to and complements your creative expression - your cooking. We consider this a suitable analogy.     To meet diverse needs, and prepare a wide variety of suitable "background" sounds, we carefully set a direction for each new project (the production of an album) before beginning our work. We discuss ideas and share the framework for making something appropriate for a certain occasion with all the artists involved in the project, and then each individual starts working on their contribution. By doing so, we ensure that our library achieves a broader range of selection. We are ever-conscious of stretching our reach a little further in terms of our catalog range. Thus, the work of our artists never ends. Like potters, if we finish one piece, we begin the next, and continue this process over and over again. Our modus operandi has nothing to do with being in the spotlight or on a stage. We focus on our daily creative efforts, striving to do our very best. We enjoy envisioning something that people may like and feel good about using. We work for the pursuit of our artistry, driven by an analytical appetite, approaching the far reaches of musical possibilities. We experiment with unique patterns, new methods, different materials, and help each other whenever needed. Most of the sounds produced via the daily efforts of our studio artists have been taking roles similar to the tableware choices that complement your cooking - your creative expression. We invite you to sample a serving or two if you are so inclined and hungry for a little musical accompaniment. In our own way, we at the SoundArtCreation Nash Studio continue to pursue the creation of music that you can use as everyday essentials. Daisuke Muraoka (Production Staff / Overseas Sales & PR)


Founder's Note

The place, framework, and approach called "Nash." That is us. A message to Nash Studio Staff from Yoshinari Nashiki, music production advisor.

We make music.Not as a band.Not as entertainers.Not as composers or lyricists.Not as performers or vocalists.Unleashed from stereotypes and preconceptions,being free and liberated,as "naked" human beings,we create music as the "Nash." For drive,love,mystery,creativity,and to turn the very existence of usinto music,we are hereto make music as the "Nash." We believe,throughout our long history,that music is, after all, "sound."We do not needalternatives to sound,music as a means or method to accomplish some other purposesuch as entertainment or businessor agitation, status, or fashion doesn't interest us.Music has no need to represent such temporary frivolous things.     We stay holed up in our studioto create "sound" uninterrupted.For the pursuit of amusement?Technical appetite?Intellectual construction?Emotional output?Past rumination?Giving birth to the new by grasping the old?Sheer playfulness, or a quest for the truth?It doesn't matter what the motive is.Music is the manifestation of human life, a reverberation/expression, which comes into "sound" in a fundamental way.Just like colors, shapes, or words,it's the "sound" that exists in ultimate independence. We determine what we create ourselves.We decide independently how to make and administer our works. We are the "Nash."We have no purpose other than making music,exploring sound, and we set no limit on ourselves.After numerous trials and errors,let the age discover the place, framework, and approach called "Nash."This is us. Yoshinari Nashiki (Music Production Advisor)


Core Message

We provide all of our music labels via "Nash Music Library," our royalty-free platform to offer more sound varieties and new licenses.

To Nash Music Library Users Thank you for using our sound resources. We're currently experiencing drastic changes in the social situation surrounding music. Our stance, especially in regard to complete in-house music production and self-administration of all the rights pertaining to our creations, is becoming more distinctive, and increasingly attractive to users who care to secure the safe licensing of music for their projects. We have unified all of our music labels (including Daisen Oto Kobo, Zipeast and Nash Artists' Labo) that are licensable as "royalty-free" and will start providing the tracks on the Nash Music Library website within this year. Furthermore, we offer a cover license that allows you to perform (sing or play) and create new (cover) recordings of our tunes. We hope that this additional license will provide an optimal licensing system that makes our music available to everyone. To Zipeast & Daisen Oto Kobo Website Visitors On 1st October 2020, We, Nash Studio, withdrew the tunes on Zipeast and Daisen Oto Kobo from the commercial market. The tunes will be reformed into new labels in the Nash Music Library, which we run as the sole creator and administrator. Via our system, we will provide the tracks in our media to everyone, from individual listeners to business users, accordingly. (The websites will be launched in 2021.)