Nash Studio is
a sound art creation studio.
We have no purpose other than making music,exploring sound, and we set no limit on ourselves.


Sound Art Creation Nash Studio, has been the “place” where free and liberated human hearts meet the expression of other human hearts: Sound work created by free, liberated spirits.
Our creations stand independently, purely as works of sound.


We are a Japanese company run by a stable production team and staff members who have been constantly engaged in music production for over 35 years. We focus on making original work, having accumulated 25,000 tunes since we began, and continue to release new tracks.


Specializing in the creation of original sound recordings, the range of our creations include background music, sound effects, special effects (SFX), and experimental works. We work on our own initiative rather than a make-to-order-type production, away from the mainstream business of the "music industry.”


We are a global provider and cater to video creators, broadcasters, advertising agencies, corporations, event organizers, stores, restaurants, individual listeners, and more. We offer our creations barrier-free, for any type of media, covering business use music licenses and sounds for increased personal enjoyment.


Our sound resources are open and available to all creators, regardless of method of expression, personal taste, interests, thoughts, beliefs, religions, and other personal preferences. We are non-discriminatory toward everything and everyone, and our sounds can be used as backgrounds for all kinds of creative projects.


We are not only deeply familiar with our creations but also strive to find the most appropriate way to deliver them to communities while keeping an awareness of various music rights issues. We provide prompt and generous support regarding the use and value of our tunes.

"We embrace freedom in music-making."
Yoshinari Nashiki (Music Production Advisor)

The world in which we live needs music. In music, humans seek joy, consolation, or a divine sense of mystery, as we naturally seek love. We do not know the reason for this. The only thing we can be sure of is the fact that there are people who make music from their hearts and people who gratefully receive it.

We make music.
We deeply respect the musical styles that our forgoers left behind.
We simply enjoy sound-making.
We challenge ourselves with innovative sounds and explore the unknown.
We address old music as an established culture.
We are on a quest for our own individual sounds.
We investigate the effect of sound itself.
We get deeply lost inside ourselves to prove our self-expression.

All of these autonomous creative efforts shape Nash Music Library.

Individuals independently making music from their hearts and meeting others who sincerely receive and enjoy their music. This is a situation that musicians have been wishing for since ancient times, how music should be.

Nash Music Library is becoming a place for that to happen.
We are free.

Travelling back to the 80`s

Yoshinari Nashiki at the studio

Staff working at the studio

Nashiki with guest players