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It's not just an old memory.
What this scenery evokes in me is not mere nostalgia.
Quite the contrary, we recognize a primary landscape that does not exist in our memories, yet arises, inexorably, even over sights we encounter for the first time.

Could it possibly be an indication that scenery we encountered at the very beginning of our lives, while innocent and free of desire, defense, judgment, and consciousness, which should be called the “true aspect of the world”, has been stored in the innermost part of our memories, and that such encounters call us back to the right place and appropriate imagery at every turn of our lives, thus continuously sustaining our existence?

Or is there a boundary domain at both ends of each lifetime, which produces that very life and will receive it again in due course? Is it that realm, and had our eyes, at one time, looked fully at the place as we remained as unbroken souls there?

Or else, is it possible that the "beauty" paved all over the depths of this world is imprinted deeply on our very existence, in advance, so by some chance, our hearts just respond to it, becoming transfixed like this for just a moment?

The sound of thunder with divine volume and luminosity, the petrichor wrapping the whole horizon on the wind, the unexpected blessings of sunlight that we simply relish, and the myriad of stars twinkling in overwhelming density.

In the end, the heart only orients itself by dissolving into that "landscape," free of sense or reason, as if it were comprised of those lights, fragrances, and sounds.

Yoshinari Nashiki (Producer)