This album is the second installment of a gamelan album created and performed by Japanese artists, born from the research activities on the traditional music of Indonesia (Java).


Synergy in Between


Dharma Budaya


Artist's Note

Music is formed
Between things and hearts,
Between people and people,

Various in-between spaces.

Our music exists
Between Java and Japan,

The Indonesian flag is red and white,
Japan's flag is also red and white,
Like ink drops in water,
Blending together.

1. Dawn Breaks, Music Begins
A veil between morning and night. When the veil opens, the music begins.

2. Square Root of 2
When two vectors of size 1 and perpendicular to each other are added, they become vectors with different directions, and their magnitude is √2. Our music also aspires to be like that.

3. Standing in a Foggy Night
In the fog where even my own body is invisible. Am I the fog, or is the fog me? Me in the night fog, the night fog in me.

4. Savannah
A long day on the savannah. Humanity became human by raising their voices together on the savannah.

5. Two-Minded
Unrestrained and delicate, impulsive and introspective, rejection and acceptance. The two hearts that everyone possesses.

6. Rise and Fall
Stairs existing between downstairs and upstairs. In the aspect of ascending and descending the steps, music is like stairs too.

7. Jingle Dharma
(Short jingle piece)

8. Tari Puspo
Flower petals fill all the spaces in between. The dance of flowers.

Yamazaki Akio (Representative of Dharma Budaya)