On 1st October 2020, We, Nash Studio, withdrew the tunes on Zipeast from the commercial market. The Zipeast tunes will be reformed into new labels in the Nash Music Library, which we run as the sole creator and administrator. Via our system, we will provide the tracks in our media to everyone, from individual listeners to business users, accordingly. (The websites will be launched in 2021.) Stay tuned for the latest SoundArtCreation Nash Studio projects and news.

【What is "Artists’ Labo?"】

"Nash Artists' Labo" is our new label, which focuses on making "albums" as independent expressions of the individual. Its conceptual albums reflect not only the style and musicality of each artist but also their philosophy and worldview. With style and artistry in mind, we maximize the creativity unique to each artist working at Nash Studio. The label will release albums and we will incorporate all of these releases into the Nash Music Library, our background music resources for commercial projects.

【2021 Releases】

You can listen to more "Labo" tracks and read more about the works by selecting "Nash Artists' Labo" in the CATEGORY SELECTION (shown as the hamburger button on mobile devices) located on the upper right of this website.