Nashiki's Note <6>

"Unknown Poet."
We do not know about the author, nor do we know the circumstances of creation. No prior knowledge is given; only the works exist through oral tradition.

"Nameless Folk Art."
These are not works by so-called "masters" or "distinguished individuals," which are creations based on the social evaluation of creative ability, sustaining the lives of those who create them. Instead, they are creations born from an unselfish desire to directly confront beauty and intuition, often in modest environments or through humble means.

There are expressions that arise before being requested, or even without being requested. The works are created from an inevitable internal demand of the artist. Therefore, whether the work possesses social value is entirely secondary. The most fundamental or ultimate relationship between "expression" and "appreciation" is the direct confrontation with the works.

The world is filled with abundant beauty. And it is believed that the resonance of nature and its vibration in response to humanity, being a part of that nature, are certain because the presence of beauty intuitively indicates it forms the foundation of this world. At least, for those who hold such a belief, knowing the "unknown poet" of the work or whether there is a "name" attached to it does not matter. There is no need for reviews when witnessing the overwhelming beauty of the sun setting and dyeing the world in deep crimson.

Direct confrontation with the works. However, it may be quite difficult for the encounter of things that are individually isolated in various ways. Yet, there is no need for pessimism. The meeting of expression and appreciation, this is what we call "ご縁" (a special connection in life).


Yoshinari Nashiki (Music Production Advisor)