Music Library for Business Use

Our sound creations take the form of a "music library"
playable in public spaces and usable as background music
for creative projects, offering freedom of music selection.

Music Download Website
Abundant inspiration. Enjoy a wide choice and be creative.

Since 1983, our comprehensive sound resource licenses have provided over 25,000 downloadable pieces of music and sound effects for creators. We offer the simplest royalty-free license. A reasonable one-time fee covers all media use, globally, for an unlimited time. All musical resources are Japanese-made, in-house originals.

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Music Player Mobile App
Change your music scene with your style for the day.

All-purpose background music player for stores, restaurants, events, live streamers, or simply have fun. Cleared for commercial venues. A monthly subscription fee covers all. Carry the app around conveniently. Play music in public places, anywhere in the world.

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Music Streaming for Individual Listeners

Experience our unique music library, optimized for the needs of "background music users." We carry no catalog of “greatest" or "iconic" songs of all time and our tracks have no fixed image or label, like chart-topping commercial ones. We would be grateful for listeners to like and appreciate our tunes as they are, pure and simple.

Released on the following music streaming services.

  • LINE


Exploring new possibilities in
sound creation
Nash Studio’s artists approach
unprecedented music


Create sounds in the way painters work on canvas. Shape an image into a sound in the way sculptors work on their material. Like those solitary artists, we musicians are getting a means and procedure to select and blend sounds, as if they are paints, crafting them into a piece of “sound art” that is faithful to our vision, all alone. We do not need rules. Free and liberated, we only need our hearts that pursue beauty.

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As the label name “zipeast” carries a meaning of “Eastern essence condensed”, the label presents a rich catalog of exotic musical works based on Asian/Oriental feelings, especially Japanese sensibilities. From traditional to contemporary, experience the unique sound, the creations of cutting-edge Japanese artists.

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