Nash Studio

What we create, how we create,
and how we deliver our creations.
We set our own intentions and purposes.
-Mika Yokoyama, President

Our Enterprise

Music Library

From past to present, myriad music genres and styles have arisen throughout musical history, and more will emerge in the future. To be all-encompassing is ideal for a music library. We, as a background music library creator, aspire to be a unique resource.

Through in-depth discussion, we explore vast creative possibilities, asking ourselves, "What should we make?" and, "What do we want to make?" before we go forth into each production.

We control and manage all creative processes from tracking and mixing to making master recordings. We strive to maintain and improve the overall quality of our creations under consistent principles.

Our Production

​Human Interaction

We make a concerted effort to incorporate spontaneous, on-the-spot ideas from creative team members and partners into our creations. As such, we influence and inspire each other to make more spirited works.

We do not presume any pre-determined solutions in sound production methods. Irrespective of music-making conventions, we seek answers in our own way.

Our unique quest opens the door to a rich source of creative ideas, a captivating realm of musical possibilities that offers artists greater freedom and challenging opportunities.

Our Role

Social Mission

We defy the boundaries of the existing music business system and the “business-as-usual” way of music rights management. We directly address those who need music and license our music library for all purposes.

We provide the freedom and joy of playing individually-chosen background music, handling copyright issues perfectly, and we offer suggestions on how to make the best potential use of our creations.

Our mission is to deliver our creations to people all over the world, in the best possible ways, and to produce music that is beneficial for all situations, without boundaries.

Above all,
we enjoy the freedom of our sound creations!

Inquiring minds who face and challenge the unknown.

Open-minded. We work on all kinds of music.

Talent enhancers. We boost special souls.

Eager collaborators. We work across generations and genres.

Originality pursuers. We aspire to be creative.

Aware and professional. We know the music rights basics.

No gamblers. We eschew unclear production materials.

Revolutionary-spirited. We forsake preconceived ideas.

Our studio is the place where artists
get fully absorbed in music production