Valentine's day in Japan_ happy sentimental and Paris49 track(s)

A collection of Japanese Valentine's day-themed tracks for kids and grown-ups, covering from happy and lively to romantic and elegant moods. 


events, sweets, pop, J-techno pop, infomercial, easy listening pop, teens, kitsch, cheesy, lilting, happy, light, carefree, happy-go-lucky, fun, playful, lively, easy-going, funfair, theme Park, merry-go-round, romance, romantic, sentimental, Paris, accordion, orchestral easy listening, (orchestral / easy listening),  pop orchestra, orchestral pop, elegant, jazz, swing, sophisticated


(Vocal Track Info)
-Female vocal with Japanese lyrics (NSK-V715-14) 
-A Japanese line "su-ki-yo" ("I ・like ・you" in English) with female anime voice   (NSE-659-060)


Brown Sugar