ABOUT NASH MUSIC LIBRARY ナッシュミュージックライブラリーとは

Advancing the Sensibilities of All一歩前に進めるために。

a creative music library produced and operated by SoundArtCreation Nash Studio. Since our founding, we have continued to emphasize four things 最適化した音楽ライブラリとして、that have remained unchanged to this day.私たちは創業から今も変わらず、4つのことを大切にしています。

  • "Works of Sound" Created by Human Hands

    Music has always walked with the history of humankind and has continued to evolve until the present time. 今の時代まで進化し続けてきました。
    Nowadays, we're facing a colossal abundance of accumulated music out there. No matter which music you choose to play, you feel like you have heard it somewhere before. Thus, we are not really moved by it, or it doesn't resonate with our senses most of the time.どれを選んでもどこかで聞いたことがある。感性に響かない。
    Such is our increasing experience.もはやAIでも音楽を作れる時代。
    We are now in an age where even AI can make music, and, of course, that's still music.変わりありません。
    However, we at Nash Studio believe that music created by human endeavor will still carry the most importance and meaning, even far into the future.
    We work here with the full awareness that our works are delivered to the world via the creative productions of our clients.
    We feel that our musical creations should inspire the sensibilities of all the creatives involved in their production and really all people in general.

  • Making Creative 'Works of Sound'
    that Push the Envelope of Possibility

    All the music that has emerged throughout history and has now become categorized into standard genres.今では定番となった音楽。
    Cutting-edge aspects of music or trends that change with the times.
    Newly emerging sounds that have not yet been identified as music.
    Considering everything, we move in all directions.生まれたての音。
    Composers, arrangers, lyricists, instrumentalists, sound engineers, and all participants in our projects. We utilize their respective fields of expertise and also encourage them to transcend their limits to create something new and bring something fresh into being, working in harmony as a single production team to create Nash Music Library.スペシャリスト、サウンドエンジニア。

  • The Perfect License to
    Grant "Music Use" Freedom

    We're willing to make the impossible possible regarding all aspects of music use.
    We are not bound by the existing music business industry or the conventional copyright management system. Rather, we deal directly with everyone who uses sound. Thus, we strive to deliver music to people who need music in the most appropriate form for use in every possible situation.著作権管理を巡る慣習に囚われることなく、
    Please consult us regarding secondary and tertiary use, such as for covers, public performances, modifications, productions of derivative works or recordings, commercial releases to music distribution platforms, etc., which exceed the scope of the existing background music use licensing.直接向き合っています。


  • Prompt and Courteous
    Customer Support

    You can consult Nash Music Library staff directly. In addition, we will provide face-to-face customer contact to help resolve any questions regarding our services. For example, if you have questions about how to use the website, licensing options, copyright issues, or how to use the music effectively and creatively. We will respond with the enthusiasm and speed that our customers require.

Things that are broadly or indifferently chosen
by the majority should not be the only choice.

We will continue to provide a unique place where people can be free
from the choices bound by convention.
We believe this is the original mission and primary concept of libraries.

Nash Studio is a sound art creation studio.
We have no purpose other than making music,
exploring sound, and we set no limit on ourselves.