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On Our Service

Nash Music Library
- Terms of Service(Revised on December 6, 2023)

Article 1 (Terms of Service)

These terms of service, referred to as "Terms", govern the use of the Nash Music Library website services (hereinafter referred to as “Service”), operated by Nash Studio Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Company"). Customers using Service (hereinafter referred to as "Users" or "They" or "Their") shall use Service in accordance with Terms, and their license agreement with Company shall be in accordance with Terms..

Article 2 (Amendment)

Company reserves the right to modify Terms without obtaining consent from Users whenever deemed necessary. Should such a modification occur, the use of Service will be governed by the amended Terms.

Article 3 (Information of Users)

Company specifies the following requirements and conditions regarding sign-up and licensee information within Service:
(1) Users themselves must complete a sign-up for Service. (Sign-up is not required for audio search and sample preview functionalities.)
(2) To sign up for and sign in to Service, Users are required to provide their email address, password, and username (nickname).
(3) To purchase a license through Service and to obtain a license agreement from Company, Users are required to register licensee information, including, if applicable, their entity name, representative name, individual name, mailing address, phone number, and other detailed information, which is necessary for Company to issue a license agreement.
(4) Users are required to update details and information that they provide for their use of Service in the event of changes to such information.
(5) Personal information provided by Users for Service will be processed with care in accordance with the Privacy Policy of Company, to which Users agree during the sign-up process with Service.

Article 4 (User Account)

Company provides Users with a sign-in credential for Service (hereinafter referred to as "User Account") composed of a unique combination of an email address, password, and username, which Users are required to provide during the sign-up process with Service. Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their User Account and ensuring that it is not disclosed to third parties.

Article 5 (User Group)

Users holding the main account (hereinafter referred to as "Main Account") can create User Account for others per individual (hereinafter referred to as "Sub-Accounts"), up to a maximum of 99 Sub-Accounts, to form a licensed group under the same license agreement (hereinafter referred to as "User Group"). Main Account can add, edit, and delete Sub-Accounts within Service, on the condition that the management responsibility of User Group is borne by Main Account, who shall further ensure that Sub-Accounts observe Terms and license agreement with Company. To convert one of Sub-Accounts to Main Account or vice versa, Users shall contact Company and follow the provided instructions.

Article 6 (Favorites and My Playlists)

Users can use the favorite and playlist functions called "Favorites" and "My Playlists" in Service to save tracks and albums and create lists for their preference and reference. Users acknowledge and agree that once they remove saved tracks or delete created playlists, they cannot be recovered or reissued. Additionally, the maximum number of playlists that can be created is 100 per User Account.

Article 7 (Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights)

All contents found within Service, including but not limited to logos, texts, photos, illustrations, and audio, are owned by Company or are used under a licensing contarat with respective rights holders. These contents are protected under copyright laws and any unauthorized use of these contents by Users is strictly prohibited.

Article 8 (Sample Audio)

Downloadable sample audio files with watermarks, available on Service, are accessible to Users and are intended solely for trial, testing, preview, and specifically for presentation purposes as samples. Users are strictly prohibited from using these sample audio files beyond these specified purposes without a license agreement with Company.

Article 9 (User Account Deletion)

To request deletion of User Account, Users must contact Company via contact form on Service's website, providing their username, customer number, and email address registered with their User Account. Once deletion process is complete, User Account and, where applicable, their licensee information, will be removed from Company's web server. However, Users shall acknowledge and agree that their license agreement with Company will be maintained by Company until the copyright expiration date of licensed works. The only exception is for annual blanket licenses, which remain effective only during the agreed-upon license period between Users and Company.

Article 10 (Revocation of User and Licensee Status)

If actions by Users fall under any of the following circumstances, Company may revoke their user and licensee status in Service.
(1) Any of their licensing information contains inaccuracies or false statements.
(2) They fail to comply with the request from Company for correction and do not provide correct licensee information.
(3) They violate Terms or their license agreement with Company.
(4) They are subject to appropriate disciplinary actions by administrative or judicial authorities due to illegal behavior.
(5) Company deems their use of Service inappropriate and/or unsuitable for reasons not specified in Terms .
(6) Their most recent sign-in to Service occurred before February 2016.

Article 11 (Changes to Service)

Company reserves the right to make changes to Service as deemed necessary, without prior notice or obtaining consent from Users. By using Service, Users acknowledge and agree to this section of Term in advance.

Article 12 (Suspension and Discontinuation of Service)

Company reserves the right to suspend or discontinue Service, in whole or in part, without prior notice to Users under the following circumstances.
(1) For regular or emergency maintenance of the system required to provide Service.
(2) When the provision of Service is hindered by unforeseen events such as fires, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, heavy snow, lightning, power outages, natural disasters, war, terrorism, etc.
(3) In cases of system malfunction, unauthorized third-party access, or computer virus infections.
(4) Upon a valid request from administrative or judicial authorities for the suspension of Service.
(5) In other situations deemed unavoidable by Company for the suspension of Service.

Article 13 (Disclaimers)

Users acknowledge and agree that Company shall not be liable for any disadvantages or damages incurred by Users or any third party arising from:
(1) Loss of User Account, whether due to User negligence or other causes.
(2) Misuse of User Account and/or User Group by a third party, unless due to significant negligence on part of Company.
(3) Malfunctions, delays, or other issues Users may encounter in their use of Service caused by Users' environment, including but not limited to hardware or internet connection problems.
(4) Delays, suspension, or discontinuation of Service for reasons specified in Article 12 of Terms, and for other problems Company may encounter in relation to provision of Service.
(5) Harmful elements, such as computer viruses, present in website, programs, emails, and other communications and contents related to provision of Service.
(6) Search words and criteria used in Service for audio searches, which are provided solely as a reference for track selection with no guarantee on the nature or any particular effect of the tracks.
(7) Consequences resulting from Users' violation of Terms, along with other related matters specified in Terms.

Article 14 (Withholding Tax)

Users, whether individuals or entities located outside Japan, should acknowledge and agree that their purchase of a license on Service may be subject to the jurisdiction of tax authorities in their respective locations, and such purchases may also be subject to applicable withholding taxes.

Article 15 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

Any disputes related to Terms come under the jurisdiction of The District Court of Osaka and are governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan.

On Track Usage

Nash Music Library
- License Agreement(Revised on July 26, 2023)

Article 1

During the period of this agreement, on the condition that *** (hereinafter, "User") complies to all of the terms set forth in this agreement, Nash Studio Inc. (hereinafter, "Nash") grants the User the non-exclusive and comprehensive right to use the musical/audio works which were produced by Nash and compiled into the music collection "Nash Music Library" and are further specified in Article 2 of this agreement.

Article 2

After the conclusion of this agreement, on the condition that the User pays the usage fee stipulated in Article 9 herein, Nash grants the User the right to use the Nash Music Library’s works that are listed at the end of this agreement and specified in the following items (1) or (2) (hereinafter, "NML Licensing Works").
(1) Works that the User orders and downloads via the Nash Music Library’s audio download service on Nash’s website.
(2) Works that are included in the physical storage/mediaathat Nash delivers to the User upon the User’s orders via offline/non-digital correspondence with Nash or via Nash’s website.

Article 3

Nash warrants to the User that the NML Licensing Works consist entirely of Nash's original works, for which Nash owns the sole and exclusive right to administer the copyrights and the sound recording rights, as well as all rights necessary to grant permission for use under this agreement. Further, Nash warrants to the User that there shall be no future objections by third parties regarding said copyrights and/or neighboring rights, and should any such objections occur, Nash shall assume full responsibility for their resolution.

Article 4

This agreement grants to the User non-exclusive rights to the use of the NML Licensing Works as described herein. No other rights, including but not limited to copyrights, neighboring rights, and master recording rights for the NML Licensing Works, shall be transferred from Nash to the User under this agreement.

Article 5

During the period of this agreement, the User shall not be obliged to report to or reimburse Nash for each individual NML Licensing Works usage. Moreover, there shall be no restrictions on the NML Licensing Works’ usage territory.

Article 6

With respect to the use of the NML Licensing Works, the following actions are strictly prohibited without prior written approval from Nash: (1) The sale, loan, gift, or distribution of the NML Licensing Works to a third party in any tangible or intangible form, or in any form whatsoever, and (2) the reproduction of and/or copying the NML Licensing Works in any form whatsoever. However, Nash shall permit the NML Licensing Works to be recorded as background music together with images onto videotape, or to be recorded as background music together with narration, or to be recorded as background music on multimedia works.

Article 7

The User shall not modify the NML Licensing Works without Nash's prior written permission. Also, the User shall obtain Nash's prior written permission for the following uses of the NML Licensing Works: (1) separate recordings of the NML Licensing Works, (2) separate performances of the NML Licensing Works, (3) adaptations such as separate musical arrangements of the NML Licensing Works, and (4) alone usage of musical composition which constitute intangible copyright works of the NML Licensing Works, such as production and publication of the music scores.

Article 8

The User shall be obliged to maintain sufficient control over all parts of the NML Licensing Works as delivered by Nash to prevent a third party from using the NML Licensing Works in an unauthorized manner during the term of this agreement.

Article 9

The User hereby agrees to pay Nash for the use of the NML Licensing Works according to the prices specified on Nash’s website upon each order.

Article 10

This agreement shall remain in effect until the expiration of all copyrights and neighboring rights relating to the NML Licensing Works, whichever should expire latest, as stipulated under Japanese Copyright Law.

Article 11

In the event that the User violates the provisions of Article 6 and/or 7 herein, with respect to the use of the NML Licensing Works, Nash shall have the right to immediately cancel this agreement without prior notification, and the User shall not use all elements of the NML Licensing Works, shall immediately return to Nash any and all CDs of the NML Licensing Works that were delivered to the User by Nash, and destroy the NML Licensing Works in any other forms in the User’s possession. Furthermore, the User shall not be entitled to claim a refund of any usage fee paid to Nash.

Article 12

In the event that the User violates the provisions in Article 6 and/or 7 herein, the User shall pay Nash an amount that equals fifty (50) times the amount of the usage fee stipulated in Article 9 of this agreement as a penalty. Furthermore, Nash shall reserve the right to claim additional compensation from the User for any and all damages that occur from such violation.

Article 13

Any disputes related to this agreement shall come under the jurisdiction of The District Court of Osaka and shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan.

The User shall hereby certify that the User agrees to and will observe all of the terms of this agreement.

Agreement Date: YYYY/MM/DD
Parkside Kawai Building 5-11-1 Nishitenma Kitaku Osaka 530-0047 Japan
Nash Studio Inc.
Mika Yokoyama, President

TEL: 81-6-6315-1809
FAX: 81-6-6311-8009
Website: https://www.nash.jp/nml/?lang=en

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