Permissions & Restrictions

Nash Music Library can be legally used:


<Permitted Uses by Standard License>

All types of TV and radio broadcasts | Catch-up TV episodes, such as webcasts of series | International broadcasts, etc.
Commercial broadcasts | Theater commercials | Internet commercials (bumper/in-stream ads) | Informercials, etc.
YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. | Online video distribution services (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.) | Embedded videos in homepages, etc. | Live Streaming
All types of video productions | Dramas | Documentaries | Corporate and industrial content or promotions | DVDs | Educational content | Multimedia presentations, etc.
Movies (full length and trailers) | Stage productions and performances | Digital signage | Amateur or student productions | Festivals, etc.
Video presentations at exhibitions | Storefront product presentations | Online events | Backgrounds to dance or other performances | Projection Mapping, etc.
Animation & Games
All types of animated works | Online/mobile game works | Smartphone and tablet apps |
PC software (*1), etc.
Audiobooks | Voiceovers | In-house broadcasts (announcements over PA systems) | Call-response messages | Podcasts, etc.
Incorporating into equipment or electronic device such as on-hold (*1) | Research & personal listening purposes | In-store uses at any retails and facilities (*2), etc.
  • (※1) A third party other than the licensee should not be able to extract the audio file itself from the device or app.
  • (※2) A separate license is required for two or more facilities.

This is what the licensee can do to the audio for editing purposes.

Adjustment to the length of your production | Looping | Key change | Playback speed change | Fading in | Fading out | Crossfading | Cutting to a short clip (for stinger, bumper, jingle, opener, ending, accent, etc.) | Synchronization with sound effects | Cutting to connect different tracks

Other uses may be permitted with separate licenses.
Please feel free to contact us with further questions.

Examples of Usage by Separate Licensing

  • ・To play (perform) a Nash Music Library track publicly or create a cover version of it.
  • ・To create a derivative song by adding lyrics to an instrumental piece and add vocals to it.
  • ・To create another piece of music by combining your tune with a Nash Music Library track.
  • ・To reproduce and distribute the Nash Music Library as background music of your content (e.g., as a novelty or bonus soundtrack).
  • ・To re-sell a Nash Music Library track per se as chargeable content in your smartphone app.

※Please note that our ability to meet your request depends on what you want to do with our work.

What You CAN NOT Do with Our Works

  • ・Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of the Nash Music Library to a third party or the modification of the Nash Music Library without our express consent and a separate license.
  • ・Registration of your content using the Nash Music Library as a sound trademark (this violates the 'non-exclusive license' agreement that we provide for our users).

We show more variations of these possible extended use examples in this website's "FAQ" section.
For detailed information on individual licensing needs, please get in touch with us, or you can call us during business hours at 81-6-6315-1809.

Nash Studio is a sound art creation studio.
We have no purpose other than making music,
exploring sound, and we set no limit on ourselves.