User Guide How to Use Our Website

Here are easy and simple steps for using our website.

01 Sign Up & Sign In

To purchase a license and download audio files on this website, you need to sign up with us first.

● No membership fee is required.

Please click the button below to sign up.
If you have already signed up, you can sign in.

How to Sign Up

  1. 01

    Enter your name, password, and email address.

  2. 02

    After clicking "Next Step," a verification link will be automatically sent to your registered email address you provided in Step 1.

  3. 03

    Please access the URL in the email message within 24 hours to complete the sign-up process.

  4. 04

    Welcome to Nash Music Library!

02 Search & Sample Audio Downloads & Creating Playlists

How to Search

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  • Color &
    Onomatopoeia Searches
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  • Advanced Search
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(Audio) Playback

Press the play button.

play sample

Listen to the full-length tracks (with audio watermark)

The audio files you download after purchasing a license do not contain a watermark.

Sample Audio Downloads

You can download sample audio files (watermarked) to sync them into your production for trial purposes before purchasing a license.

● Please note that sample audio files are solely for trying out in your projects and cannot be used for any other purposes.



    If you're unsure which tunes to get a license for, you can add them to FAVORITES for now. This allows you to compare different tracks and makes it easier to choose the best ones at a later time.


    You can create your own playlists, allowing you to organize your favorite tracks sorted by themes. Each playlist can have its own name and description, and what's more... you can even share your playlists with others!

03 How to Purchase a License & Download Audio

  1. 01

    Add the track(s) you wish to purchase a license to your cart.

  2. 02

    Follow the steps below to proceed with placing a purchase order.

    You can place orders and download audio 24/7.

  3. 03

    Download the licensed track(s).

04 My Page

Review & Change Your Information

This Includes:
-Licensee Information (Company Name, Individual Name, Contact Information, etc.)
-Account Information (Sign-In Name, ID, Password, etc.)
-License Agreement (License Types, Terms, and Status)


You can make changes or delete the contents of your FAVORITES and PLAYLISTS by checking the box on the left of each track information.

Check Your Order History

Access your order history to view the dates and items you have purchased a license to.

Create Sub-Accounts

Conveniently create sub-accounts for your colleagues who are working on the same project. All account holders within your group will be covered by the same license.

Receiving Online Receipt

You can obtain PDF receipts directly on the My Page section.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Nash Studio is a sound art creation studio.
We have no purpose other than making music,
exploring sound, and we set no limit on ourselves.