Q.What is “AdRev for a third party” showing alongside your credit?

Adrev is a partner company of YouTube. They register our tunes to Content ID in order for us to maintain control of the copyrights for the music.

Q.What is a YouTube content ID in the first place?

It is a YouTube database system for identifying and managing copyrighted content, such as images and music used in videos.

Please refer to YouTube’s official content ID page for further details:

Q.Why did you register your music to a YouTube Content ID?

First, we did this from the standpoint of music copyright protection on YouTube. Secondly, we did this to protect our legitimate customers from the illegal blocking of their videos due to third parties claiming exclusive use of our music on YouTube.

Q.I got a content ID claim from someone other than you. What should I do?

If the claim was for the music of Nash Music Library, please contact us. We will contact YouTube to resolve the problem swiftly. If the claim was for the image, you are obliged to contact the claimer to solve the problem.

Q.Do you possibly mute or block videos?

We may take these steps only for some cases where we discover unauthorized use or copyright infringement.

Q.Could you add my channel to your allowlist to prevent further automated content ID claims?

We will proceed to allowlist your channel on request. Please email the channel URL along with your registered name and license agreement No. at: nml[at] (we will use the information to verify your status as a licensed user.)


Q.Are your sound effects/SFX tracks registered to content IDs as well?

No, they are not eligible for Content ID, as detailed in this page:

Q.Can you release any "AdRev for a 3rd Party" YouTube content ID claims?

Please note that we cannot release any third-party content other than our tunes from Nash Music Library. AdRev manages the content IDs of many background music vendors other than us. Please make sure that the copyright claim belongs to Nash Music Library tunes before sending us video URLs for their release.