My Favorites & Playlists

Q.What is the difference between “My Favorites” and “My Playlists”?

1) My Favorites:

You can quickly save your favorite tracks for future reference.

2) My Playlists:

You can save multiple tracks on each playlist with names and descriptions. You can also share your playlists with others.

Q.What will happen to the tracks saved to My Favorites when I log out

As long as you use the same browser that accepts cached data and cookies, your favorite tracks will remain in your account when you log in again after logging out.

Q.Is there any storage time limit for My Playlists?

There is no limit to the storage period. However, we recommend organizing your playlists regularly since server maintenance and/or website updates may affect the data saved in your account, including My Playlists.

Q.Is there any limit to the number of tracks that I can save to a playlist?

You can add up to 99 tracks to a single playlist.

Q.Can I share a playlist with people who have not signed up?

Yes, non-members can freely access and review the playlists you create.

Q.Can I share a list with my client without showing prices?

Yes, you can choose not to show prices before sharing a list.

Q.Can I restore a deleted list?

Once you delete a list you cannot restore it.

Q.Can I see playlists created by others in the same user group?

You cannot see such playlists just by logging in to your account. However, you can exchange the playlists with each other simply by sharing them.

Q.What will happen to my existing playlists if I terminate my membership?

Upon your membership termination, all playlists will be deleted.