The artists at our studio always work in earnest to create new pieces of music. However, compared with general music production studios, our way of making music may be compared to the artistry of a pottery studio where they make tableware and utensils; products that are specifically designed for daily use.

Tableware is something that everyone uses. We need lots of it, and in different colors, shapes, and sizes: Choices for daily use that we won't tire of too soon. There should be pieces of simple taste and others to convey a luxurious atmosphere; Japanese patterns and Western-style varieties; perhaps with stylishly unusual angles, and also surprisingly experimental designs that you would not expect to be used as plates or utensils. There are all kinds of cuisines in the world. Accordingly, a wide variety of tableware is needed to serve them attractively and practically.

Our background music production method has a lot in common with the way tableware is created. We are engaged in crafting music that provides an accompaniment to and complements your creative expression - your cooking. We consider this a suitable analogy.



To meet diverse needs, and prepare a wide variety of suitable "background" sounds, we carefully set a direction for each new project (the production of an album) before beginning our work. We discuss ideas and share the framework for making something appropriate for a certain occasion with all the artists involved in the project, and then each individual starts working on their contribution. By doing so, we ensure that our library achieves a broader range of selection.

We are ever-conscious of stretching our reach a little further in terms of our catalog range. Thus, the work of our artists never ends. Like potters, if we finish one piece, we begin the next, and continue this process over and over again. Our modus operandi has nothing to do with being in the spotlight or on a stage. We focus on our daily creative efforts, striving to do our very best. We enjoy envisioning something that people may like and feel good about using. We work for the pursuit of our artistry, driven by an analytical appetite, approaching the far reaches of musical possibilities. We experiment with unique patterns, new methods, different materials, and help each other whenever needed.

Most of the sounds produced via the daily efforts of our studio artists have been taking roles similar to the tableware choices that complement your cooking - your creative expression. We invite you to sample a serving or two if you are so inclined and hungry for a little musical accompaniment. In our own way, we at the SoundArtCreation Nash Studio continue to pursue the creation of music that you can use as everyday essentials.

Daisuke Muraoka (Production Staff / Overseas Sales & PR)