haze and grace



【haze and grace】

Growing haziness may not be due to my eyesight or age.

Cloaked in a novel shade, something may be coming to light.

The faint light that comes and goes in the fog,
The subtle vibration, like a voice,
The fragrant scent, like a breeze,

It’s a landscape that I encounter for the first time.
Yet, the truth is,
I may have been previously familiar with it.


Things from the unknown territory of the mind,
That consciousness cannot capture.
When they seek a form,
They won’t descend from heaven with grace,
Nor will they emerge from the forest of memory in a mystical fashion.

What happens is,
The myriad elements that compose a self beyond its chronology,
Expand upon a relentless urge,
Without context or consistency,
Sneering at the gauche craft of the artist.


It's an unpaintable image,
so it turns out to be a sound.
It's a primitive undulation that precedes painting,
so it cannot be anything other than a sound.

As a "mind," an "existence,"
a "life," or a "manifestation," and without aid from convention,
we play it for what it is.


All songs are by Nash&Artists

Album descriptions by Yoshinari Nashiki (Producer)

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