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You may or may not have noticed, but we have something new for you! The following are equipped with keywords.
(Please be reminded that if you notice any other new albums, the keywords have not been added yet. We will inform you when they are ready.)

【NEW】States of Mind (NSR-542)

This 'theatrical dramatization' soundtrack collection accentuates monologues and introspective scenes, capturing the essence of inner emotions. Ideal for nuanced scene direction in dramas, anime, and theater, the tracks aim to enrich the understanding of characters and contexts, thereby enhancing the emotional connection with the narrative. Spanning a wide emotional range — from happiness and relief to confusion, doubt, suspicion, fear, sadness, and anger — the clearly motivated music helps convey each sentiment.

【NEW】Epic & Dynamic (NSR-543)

With 'epic music' at the forefront, underscored by powerful percussion and grand orchestration, this collection delivers emotionally dynamic fluctuations. It features elements such as theatrical crescendos and sudden escalations that accentuate emotional peaks and climaxes, while recurring themes and motifs provide a lasting impact for key scenes. Ideal for cinematic, trailer-like presentations, these dramatic soundtracks are effectively suited for a spectrum of narratives, from the heroic to the dark.

【NEW】Mind Sketches (NSC-830)

Drama soundtrack tunes that express the inner workings of the mind, primarily featuring percussion pieces that skillfully depict human actions and intentions. The sound design is dedicated to conveying emotions, effectively capturing and reflecting a range of feelings—positive, negative, and beyond.

【NEW】Childhood Memories (FES-822)

Childhood: A period brimming with pure joy and cherished memories. An adult harbors a gentle longing for those bygone days, a sentiment this album captures beautifully. Various melodies revive scenes lingering in the mind, effectively conveying the essence of nostalgia. Even forgotten remnants delicately unfold, like letters transcending time.

【NEW】E-Piano Trio (FES-823)

Featuring various vintage electric piano models, this album showcases the unique warmth that only real instruments can provide. The pleasant distortion that resonates when played with a strong touch adds a distinctly flavorful atmosphere. Centered around lively rhythms and soft melodies, the album blends a variety of genres into smooth arrangements for an electric piano trio, simultaneously exuding elegance and accessibility.