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[New] From flaffy to brassy to chill: Explore 3 unique albums!


【NEW】Soft & Warm (NSC-827)

Evokes feelings of softness and warmth, both tactile and emotional, with soft-edged tone quality laid out in a leisurely sound design. It captures the lightness of billowy clouds, the comfort of soft cotton, the charm of a plush pet, and the cozy warmth of a sunny spot. These elements unfold a soundscape as gentle and inviting as a bed or cushion, enveloping the listener in comfort.

【NEW】Sparkling Brass 2 (NSC-828)

Spanning a wide range of energetic and danceable brass music genres, including ska, swing, and rock and roll, this bright and cheerful party sound, with its lively horn section, enhances the sense of unity among viewers and audiences, heightening the excitement.

【NEW】Morning Chill (NSC-829)
Envisions a quality morning routine imbued with a comfortable, languid 'chill' vibe. The muffled, gritty, and wavering sound textures craft a creative atmosphere that is both tasteful and authentic, unforced and natural. With stimulating modern hip-hop beats, the music hints at discoveries and delights on the horizon, spotlighting the special moments nestled within peaceful daily life.