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The New Year, The New Releases! 🎉


<Regular Series>

【NEW】Violin Odyssey (NSR-540)

These miscellaneous instrumentals traverse times and continents with the violin, embarking on a musical journey that highlights its resonant power, expressive richness, and diverse tonal range. By broadly traversing various musical genres and histories, the album delves into the violin's universal ability to evoke and narrate a spectrum of emotions and stories, adeptly navigating through the rich diversity of music.

【NEW】Sylish Japan 2  (NSR-541)

The blend of chill, jazz, and electronica, which generates a sophisticated lounge vibe, combined with the haiku-evoking sparse elegance of traditional Japanese instruments, creates a sophisticated atmosphere. This eclectic sound design, reflecting high-quality craftsmanship, embodies beauty with a distinct 'Japan' stamp. It provides a Zen-like serene ambiance, interweaves historical narratives, and effectively showcases Japan's multifaceted charm, harmoniously crossing over traditional and modern aspects. 

<Edge Tracks>

【NEW】  Jaggy-Phonia (NSG-7025)  
The third album in the 'Phonia' series, featuring a deep Gothic fantasy theme, is once again driven by an intense pseudo-orchestra, evoking supernatural and quaint beauties with unexpected turns. The cacophony, emerging from a dark, solitary abyss, symbolizes the liberation of souls trapped in oppressive chains of eerie memories. This 'abnormal' album masterfully weaves hallucinatory images and phantom visions with fragments narrating the heart-rending story of a twisted world.

【NEW】 Nano Domain   (NSG-7026)  
The soundscape delves into elements ranging from microorganisms and bacteria to DNA, genes, and genomes. It explores the molecular and atomic reactions that underpin life's dynamic fundamentals, revealing the hidden order, mystery, and beauty of an invisible world. These sounds embody the nature of the universe, the essence of existence, and even higher spiritual dimensions, offering a profound auditory journey into the very core of life and beyond.

​​​​​​​【NEW】Magic Mirror   (NSG-7027)    
Past the 'magic mirror' lies a land of awe, overflowing with wonders, enigmas, and prophecies, submerging you in mythical worlds of fantasy, folklore, and fairy tales, realms truly beyond our own. The imaginative music, reminiscent of an ancient castle's winding corridors with concealed passages and doors, guides you on an fascinating journey through forests dwelling with fairies and monsters, into forbidden zones sealed in age-old manuscripts, and across domains of vanished myths.