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[New] Summer's End New Release Info


Summer is ending, and we have something new to bring new colors to the upcoming season.

【NEW】Dance Pop  (NSR-538)

In tune with the trends of different eras, these tunes go after the typical Dance Pop sound creation, which blends dance beats from across the globe with popular elements and engaging gimmicks, incorporating vibrant beats, daring arrangements, and captivating hooks that resonate with the masses. This ever-evolving mainstream sound accommodates a broad spectrum of creative projects.

【NEW】Kids Drama  (NSR-539)

These compositions, crafted in the style of a children's drama soundtrack, reveal a world teeming with excitement and curiosity, seen through the eyes of young adventurers, where surprises and wonders abound. The music captures the vibrant rhythm of their hearts, fueled by play and learning, as well as their dedicated approach to life. In an atmosphere akin to overseeing their development, these melodies center on the unique moments sensed by fresh sensitivities.