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[NEW] (Belated) New Release Announcement!!


We're thrilled to share some incredible new releases that we would like to remind you of! 
Don't miss out on them and happy exploring!  

NSR-532 Bossa Flavor

This album seeks to create a new sound that transcends genres within the broad format of 'bossa nova.' It achieves a novel and eccentric atmosphere through a fusion of styles that break stereotypes and incorporate avant-garde approaches, while also including standard and familiar arrangements to provide a well-balanced bossa nova album.

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NSR-533 Press Report 2

This album can help to focus on bringing up an issue. The use of stagnant music with a sense of unresolved tension suggests a challenging topic or theme. At the same time, the minimalist composition excludes emotional expressions, making it effective in situations where you want to investigate facts and provide objective information, while avoiding creating preconceptions or biased impressions.

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NSR-534 Slow Piano

The gentle melodies of solo piano accompany the swirling emotions of sadness and kindness, loneliness and joy, yearning and love, endings and beginnings, offering a soothing balm to the turbulence of the heart.

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NSR-535 Short Beats 

This album consists of jingles composed solely of the rhythmic element, omitting the melody and harmony components from the three fundamental elements of music. The diverse tracks feature distinctive beats that provide a monotonous regularity, impact, and a sense of dynamism. In addition to their use as short jingles, they can also be looped to accommodate longer video works.

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