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Here are some more bunches of our new releases. 
Enjoy exploring our new music in this new website!  

<Sound Effects Collection>
To evoke a sense of wonder in a fictional sci-fi universe, this album features SFX tracks that transport listeners to an imagined future. Along with standard gadget sounds such as spaceships, robots, and weapons, it also includes a variety of image-based and virtual sounds that evoke supernatural phenomena and otherworldly environments. This album also includes futuristic UI sounds.

【NEW】Emotions & Environments (NSE-671)
This album converts the feeling of positive or negative emotions and the perception of the environment (such as touch, smell, and temperature) into sound. Deformation and exaggeration effectively express feelings and impressions.

【NEW】Landscapes & Everyday Lives (NSE-672)
This album contains the following real/actual sounds.Nature and city landscapes, housing and people, machines and model guns, water sounds.

<Edge Tracks>
【NEW】Sonic Collage (NSG-7021)
The 'patchwork' sound method involves pasting and joining together fragments of various sounds as parts. By combining different materials and motifs, such as everyday sounds, environmental sounds, instrumental sounds, beats, and more, a bizarre soundscape is created, reminiscent of the unexpectedness found in collage/montage art.

<Artists’ Labo>
【NEW】Views from a Piano (NS-1392)
The piano player creates a beautifully complex scenery of light and shadow. The intermingling of yin and yang within the improvisation becomes a metaphor for night and day, truth and lies, poverty and wealth, war and peace. They unfold a world of dynamic and inseparable opposites, and the improvisational ensemble approaches the origin of human communication before language