Range of Use Permissions & Restrictions

Nasn Music Library Can be Legally Allowed for

  • ・Commercial/Business Use (Not Limited to Personal/Educational Use)
  • ・No Territorial Restrictions (Global Content / Worldwide Distribution)
  • ・Unlimited Usage and Utilization (with a Single License)
  • ・Monetization on Your YouTube Channel (*Content ID Registration is Strictly Prohibited)
    ( All of the above are covered with a Single/Flat Rate License!)

<Examples of Usages Allowed by the License>

Broadcasts (TV/Radio)
Animations / Dramas / Documentaries / Educational / News / Series / Entertainment / Talk Shows / Films / On Demand / International Broadcasts / Rerun
Advertising / Commercials
TV/Radio / Online/Digital (in-stream, out-stream) / Cinema / Mobile (in-app ads)
Internet Platforms (UGC, Social Media, SVOD)
YouTube / Instagram / Facebook / TikTok / Twitter / Twitch / Netflix / Hulu / Amazon Prime / Embedded Videos / Live Streaming / Webinars / Online Conference
Audiovisual (Business / Educational / Personal)
PR / Multimedia Presentations / Slideshows / Informercials / / Corporate Videos / Virtual Reality Experiences / DVDs /Video Productions
Film / Theater
Cinema / Trailers / Stage Productions & Performances / Amateur & Student Productions
Wedding / Trade Shows/Exhibitions / Digital Signage / Online Events / Conferences/Seminars / Sporting Events / Museum / Art Exhibitions / Dance Performances / Festivals / Projection Mapping
Games / Apps / Software
Gaming Consoles / Online Platforms / Smartphones / Tablets /
Laptops / Computers / Fitness Equipment / Various Other Devices (※1)
Narration / Audio Productions (Podcast / Audiobooks / Voiceover)
Podcasts / Audiobooks / Voiceovers / Audio Guides / In-House Broadcasts (Announcements over PA Systems) / Call-Response Messages
Other Usages
Various Other Devices/Equipments / Research & Personal Listening Purposes / In-Store Uses at Retails & Facilities (※2)
  • (※1) Note: In order to prevent unauthorized access, audio files embedded within the device or app should not be extractable by third parties other than the licensee.
  • (※2) A separate license is required for two or more facilities.

This is what the licensee can do to the audio for editing purposes.

Length adjustment | Looping | Key change | Playback speed modification | Fading in | Fading out | Crossfading | Short-clipping (for stinger, bumper, jingle, opener, ending, accent, etc.) | Synchronization with sound effects | Connecting different tracks

Other uses may be permitted with separate licenses.
Please feel free to contact us with further questions.

Examples of Usage Requiring Separate Licensing

  • ・Public performance or creation of a cover version of a Nash Music Library track.
  • ・Creation of a derivative song by adding lyrics and vocals to an instrumental piece from the Nash Music Library.
  • ・Combination of your own music with a Nash Music Library track to create a new composition and sound recording.
  • ・Reproduction and distribution of the Nash Music Library as background music for your content (e.g., novelty or bonus soundtrack).
  • ・Reselling a Nash Music Library track as chargeable content within your smartphone app.

※Please note that our ability to accommodate your request depends on the specific usage you have in mind.

What You CANNOT Do

  • The following are some examples of strictly prohibited usages:
  • ・Unauthorized reproductions of the Nash Music Library tracks/content.

    ・Unauthorized distributions of the Nash Music Library tracks/content to third parties.

    ・Unauthorized Registrations of the Nash Music Library tracks/content to third parties. (e.g. YouTube Content ID, music copyright societies, sound trademarks etc.)

    ・Unauthorized modification of the Nash Music Library tracks/content.

For further informations regarding usage examples of Nash Music Library, please refer to the 'FAQ' "FAQ" section.
For personalized licensing options, please contact us.

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