ABOUT NASH MUSIC LIBRARY ナッシュミュージックライブラリーとは

Advancing the Sensibilities of All Creatives一歩前に進めるために。

Nash Music Library is a creative production music library produced and operated by SoundArtCreation Nash Studio. Since our establishment in 1983, we have consistently focused on four key aspects最適化した音楽ライブラリとして、that have remained unchanged to this day.私たちは創業から今も変わらず、4つのことを大切にしています。

  • "Works of Sound" Created by Humans

    Music has always been intertwined with the history of humankind and continues to evolve to this day.
    As technology develops, more and more music is being created nowadays, and we find ourselves overconsumed by it. As a result, we may not easily be moved by it, and it often fails to resonate with our senses. In this age, even artificial intelligence is capable of creating music, and undoubtedly, that can also be considered music.
    However, here at Nash Studio, we firmly believe that music created through human endeavor will always hold the utmost importance and meaning. We work with a deep understanding that our music is shared with the world through the creative productions of our clients.
    Our goal is to create works that inspire the sensibilities of all those who are involved in their productions.

  • Creating Boundary-Pushing
    Works of Sound

    All the music that has emerged throughout history is now categorized into standard genres.
    Cutting-edge aspects of music or trends that change with the times.
    Newly emerging sounds that have not yet been identified as music.

    We just move freely within possibilities of music in various directions, continuously creating and exploring new musical expressions.
    Our projects involve composers, arrangers, lyricists, musicians, sound engineers, and all participants who contribute their expertise. We not only utilize their respective fields of expertise but also encourage them to transcend their limits, fostering the creation of something new and fresh. Working together as a unified production team, we create 'works of sound' of the Nash Music Library.スペシャリスト、サウンドエンジニア。

  • Flexible Music Usage License

    We aspire to make the impossible possible.

    We do not confine ourselves to the customs of the existing music business industry or conventional copyright management systems. Instead, we directly engage with individual clients/users who utilize our music/sounds.

    We aim to provide music in the most suitable form for every imaginable situation where music is needed.

    Please feel free to consult with us for any additional uses beyond the scope of conventional background music licensing. This includes covers, public performances, modifications, creation of derivative works or recordings, and commercial releases on distribution platforms.


  • Prompt and Friendly
    Customer Support

    You can directly contact us at Nash Music Library. Whether you have questions about our website, licensing options, copyright matters, or how to effectively utilize the music, we do our best to assist with any inquiries you may have regarding our services.

Things that are broadly or indifferently chosen
by the majority should not be the only available options.

We will continue to offer a distinctive space where individuals can break free
from conventional choices.
We believe that this embodies the fundamental mission and primary concept of libraries.

Nash Studio is a sound art creation studio.
We have no purpose other than making music,
exploring sound, and we set no limit on ourselves.