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    Our "human" staff are available in English and Japanese languages.

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    Music Streaming Services

    You can listen to Nash Music Library on music streaming.

    For non-commercial personal enjoyment only.

    Nash Music Library is optimized for the needs of "background music users."
    We carry no catalog of "iconic" songs of all time, and our tracks have no fixed image or label like chart-topping ones.
    Having said that, it would be great if you like and appreciate our tunes
    as they are, for what it's worth.

    Released on the following music streaming services

    Nash Studio is a sound art creation studio.
    We have no purpose other than making music,
    exploring sound, and we set no limit on ourselves.

    81-6-6315-1809 9:30-18:30 JST
    exc. weekends & holidays
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