YouTube Content ID

We used to encounter the case of our legitimate users’ YouTube videos being blocked due to third parties' claims of exclusive use of Nash Music Library tracks on YouTube. Since our royalty free music library offers only non-exclusive license, claiming to have obtained exclusive license is a breach of the agreement.

We hereby guarantee that the legitimately licensed users have NO REASON for their use of Nash Music Library tracks on YouTube to be disputed by any third party. To protect our legitimately licensed customers from illegal blocking of their videos, and also from the standpoint of music copyrights protection, we (Nash Studio Inc.) as the content holder of NML register all the tracks to the YouTube content ID, starting from May 2015.

Please note:

(1) In "Video Manager" page on the front end of YouTube appears blue hyperlink that says “Matched Third Party Content”. When you click this link you can see the track title(s) used in the video and the name of the content holder “Nash Music Library” in order to certify our being the content holder of the music used in the video. 

(2) Our ads appear on your video that contains NML as BGM. Ads are generated from YouTube’s copyrights protection system that works with ads monetization program. 

If you wish to withdraw ads from your YouTube videos:

Please email us the following information so that we can arrange not to show our ads and get off claims (white-list your channel). Within a few business days the ads stop showing on your video (*). Please note: we white-list only for legitimate customers (properly licensed users).

  • (a) Company Name/Your Name
  • (b) Phone Number
  • (c) User ID at Nash Music Library website 
  • (d) YouTube channel’s URL 

If you are the member of YouTube ads monetization program your own monetization program would temporarily stop and our ads would be on your video. To resume your own ads, please email us the same information above so that we can white-list your channel so that you can resume your YouTube monetization program.

Once white-list of your channel is done all the videos in the channel (both already uploaded videos and new one which will be uploaded in the future) are set to be ad/claim free.

Business hours (9:30~18:30–Japan Standard Time/except for Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays).