YouTube Content ID Guidelines

To Our Customers (Properly Licensed Users)

As the sole content holder of NML, we, Nash Studio Inc., register all the tracks to YouTube Content ID (as of May 2015), preventing unauthorized third-party intervention regarding the background use of our sound recordings on YouTube.

YouTube Partnership Monetization

We retain all the rights to the music we license here at Nash Music Library. Feel free to monetize your YouTube content with our music in the background.


Asset Claim Releasing

We do not claim your videos INTENTIONALLY. However, in some rare cases involving errors or bugs, your video may get claimed by Content ID's automatic fingerprinting content match system.

  • As the content holder, we can swiftly release automatic claims. Please email us the video URL along with the following information at: nml[at]
  • ●Registered Name (Company and/or your name)
  • ●License Agreement No.

We will use the information to verify your status as a licensed user. After verification, we will arrange to release your video within a few business days.

9:30~18:30 – Japan Standard Time (except for Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays).

You DO NOT Have to Dispute the Claim

Accidental automatic claims prove that the tune(s) used in the video belong to us. You are NOT in any trouble and this will not affect the status of your channel.