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Q.What is the license agreement?

Our license agreement shows the scope of permission, licensing fee, and your terms of use of the Nash Music Library. The license is comprehensive and covers all of your music usage from the date of the contract to all future music usage. You can review the details of the license in My Account

Q.Can I have a physical copy of my license agreement?

You can print out a PDF of the license agreement from My Account

Q.Must I conclude a license agreement for every single order I place?

Our license is comprehensive. Therefore, it is only upon your first purchase that we issue a license for you, which will cover all of your future music usage.

Q.How can I terminate the license agreement?

In the case of  LIFETIME  a LIFETIME perpetual license (Singles/Collections/Bulk Downloads):

In principle, you have no obligation to report to us when terminating the license agreement. The license agreement between you (the Licensee) and Nash (the Licenser) shall end when the copyright protection period for the track is over, meaning that the track is now in the public domain.


Please inform us of your wish to terminate the lease before the date of termination stated in the agreement.


You can no longer place the music onto a new production once the lease is terminated. You are also required to delete audio files you obtained during the lease period. However, you can continue to distribute/sell your productions even after the termination on the condition that the said productions were completed within the lease period.

Q.What will happen if the copyright protection period has passed for the track?

Under Japanese Copyright Law, the track will be considered as work in the public domain 50 years after the author’s death. Work in the public domain can be shared and used by anybody, even without a license. You are continuously able to use the track in the public domain.