Products & License

Q.How frequently do you release new tracks?

We release 700~800 tracks annually. You can check out our brand-new tunes and get a quick review of them in the New Releases.

Q.Can I buy music in discounted packages?

Collections are discounted, with 10~40% off single download prices. International Visitor Discounts contain packages that are specially discounted for international customers. Simply go to Collections section to find the titles and descriptions that may fit what you seek.

Q.How do I know who composed the track I purchased?

We do not show the names of the composers, since all the rights of the tracks belong to our company. If you need to fill in the composer name in the license report (as in a cue sheet), filling in the blank with "Royalty-Free Music from NASH MUSIC LIBRARY" usually suffices.

Q.Do you provide me with a document to certify my legitimate use of the music?

We issue an English-language certificate to guarantee the copyright of the track if you are required to present it to the music rights management society or another entity.

Q.Do you have any underscore tracks?

We have alternative mixes of given tracks without their major theme. These alternative tracks SUB-MIX can be found in the SUB-MIX category and are made of only the rhythm section or the basic structure. They come in handy when you need a less intrusive version of the track.

Q.Shouldn’t MP3 be less expensive than WAV or AIFF?

We provide every file format at the same price since the price is for a license fee, rather than specific sound quality.