June 1994 Soundworks Inc. spins off a royalty free music department which is then established as an independent company called "Soundworks/Nash Studio" with capital investment of 1.5 million yen.
14 June 1994 Capital increase to 3 million JPY.
18 June 1995 Capital increase to 5.8 million JPY.
September 1995 Launch of Full Library (Annual Lease Contract).
March 1996 Capital increase to 10.5 million JPY.
1996 Launch of Nash Music Library website via IBM's internet mall called "hypertown".
20 November 1996 Capital increase to 12.5 million JPY.
3 December 1996 Capital increase to 14.5 million JPY.
1 July 1999 Reorganized as Nash Studio Inc.
13 July 1999 Capital increase to 20 million JPY.
July 2000 Launch of download website of Nash Music Library.
January 2004 Reaches 10,000 Nash Music Library tracks.
June 2004 Opens a music production studio at Daisen, in Tottori prefecture.
February 2010 Launch of audiovisual collection "Nash Music Audio".
August 2011 Launch of HD audio search tool.
October 2012 Launch of production music library "Zipeast".
March 2014 Reaches 20,000 Nash Music Library tracks.
April 2014 Launch of Bulk Download Subscription of Nash Music Library.
November 2017 Reaches 25,000 Nash Music Library tracks.
July 2018 Launch of background music streaming service "Nash Music Channel".
August 2018 Former music production director Mika Yokoyama takes over Yoshinari Nashiki as president. Former president Yoshinari Nashiki becomes music production advisor.