License Summary

Nash Music Library can be legally used in all kinds of commercial media production, including, but not limited to:

TV & Radio Programs / TV & Radio Commercials / Video / Film Production / Internet Videos (You Tube, You Stream, etc.) / Website Background Music / Audio Post Production / Videos / DVDs / Animation / Advertising / Digital Signage / Online Games / Mobile Games / Smartphone Games / Application / Electronic Devices / SNS Videos / Narration / Voiceovers / Audio Books / Podcasts / Background Music for Venues / Corporate / Industrial / Educational Courses / Multimedia Presentation / Events / Exhibitions / Festivals / Amateur or Student Productions / On Hold


There are no territory restrictions. You can legally use the music worldwide.

Duration of License

Perpetual, for an unlimited number of years.
You can legally use purchased tracks without any time restriction, eternally.

Number of Projects

Unlimited projects.
You can legally use the music on multiple projects without any additional fees.

Number of Products

An unlimited number of products.
You can legally use the music on any number of copies/products without any additional fees.

Prohibited Activities

Distributing the music by itself

Regardless of whether you intend to distribute the music for free or for profit, you cannot distribute the music by itself. You are not permitted to copy, lend, resell or provide the music by itself.

Creating Derivative Works

You cannot alter the music in order to make a derivative work based on the music, by adding instrumentation, lyrics, etc., and claim that the music is yours and/or original. Regardless of whether you intend to do this for free or for profit, the distribution of derivative works is strictly prohibited.

Sub-Licensing the Music

You cannot sub-license the music to any third party as part of a production music library, as stock sounds, royalty-free tracks or music samples.