Concept of Nash Studio.

The world we live in needs music. In music we human beings look for thrill, pleasure, consolation or divine sense of mystery, similarly as each human life seeks for love. We do not know the reason for this. The only thing we can be sure is the fact that there are people who sincerely make music, and there are people who sincerely receive their music.

We make music.
And freely.
We pay deep respect to the musical styles that our forgoers left behind,
we just simply enjoy sound-making,
we challenge ourselves with sounds not yet known,
we address the old music as established culture,
we quest for our own individual sounds,
we investigate the effect of the sound itself,
we deeply get lost inside ourselves to prove into our self expressions,
and All of those free creative efforts give clear shape to Nash Music Library.

If a person who sincerely makes music can be independent and meet a person who sincerely receives his or her music, that should be the very situation both the music and the musicians have been wishing for since ancient times.
Nash Music Library is becoming a place for that to happen.
We are free.

Yoshinari Nashiki


NASH music library

Royalty Free Music

One of the World's Biggest Royalty-Free Music Libraries.

More than 27,000 Original Tracks. Advanced Music Search Supports Your Creative Media Production. Download Anytime, 24 Hours a Day, Every Day.


In-Store Music Player App

Reliable background music solution for business-use.

For commercial premises, public events, and internet broadcast. Carry the app around. Play music everywhere. About $3.00 per month.


Rights Managed Music

Oriental Spirit from Japan to the World Audience.

Zipeast Provides Music Contents with Abundant Essence of Asia to the World, while Focusing on Japanesque New Age and Traditional Style Music.


Sound Gallery

Face to Face with the Sound...

Pursuing Further Sound Possibilities…
Approach for Unprecedented Sound Concept…
Here is a Gallery to Meet the Unleashed Sound Universe.

Company Info

Nash Studio Inc.

Parkside Kawai building, 5-11-1 Nishitenma Kitaku Osaka 530-0047 Japan
Phone : +81-6-6315-1809 / Fax : +81-6-6311-8009
[Google Map]
E-mail : info[at]

President : Mika Yokoyama
Capital : 20,000,000.JPY
Incorporated : July 1st, 1994
Affiliate : Nash Music Publisher Inc.

Buisiness :
Production of "Nash Music Library".
Production of "Nash Music Channel".
Production of "zipeast".
Sound Gallery of "Daisen-Oto-Kobo".
Katsuyoshi Haseda, Executive Director
Manabu Kondo, Music Production Director
Jo Miyashita, Sales Manager
Ayumi Mori, Sales
Daisuke Muraoka, Overseas Sales / Marketing PR
Chihiro Harimoto, Desk

Kazuo Nagaoka, Adviser
Yoshinari Nashiki, Music Production Advisor

Ichiro Yasunaga, Company Lawyer