<Nashiki's Note 003>

People are made of atoms.
The atoms of all the people who lived in the past still exist in this universe.
Every person born in the future will also be composed of atoms that exist in this universe today.
In other words, we humans are a "phenomenon". Human beings and everything in this world are a fleeting phenomenon, as it were.

We can explore the phenomenon itself, but we have no idea of the mechanism or meaning behind it.
We may occasionally get a glimpse of such detail through a slight semblance of inspiration, but this is usually an illusion.

Therefore, the ordinary person asks questions:
What is this and that? What am I? What are life and the world? ....and so on.
We keep throwing such inquiries into the void, mobilizing all our atoms, and making them violently oscillate.
That's what I mean by "expression."

Although "expression" is definitely a medium of communication, there is either no one to communicate with, or the target is inconceivable. In other words, "expression" is unconditional self-pulsation/reverberation. Using the tools available at hand, or while being tightly confined to the constraints of contemporary time and environment, but then, escaping any other purposes and being independent, expression manifests as art. Thus, artists must "express". Artists must “create works”. Because they know that if their expression cannot develop into work, it cannot amount to "inquiry".

No answer is forthcoming.
Thus, the work, oh my! It remains a "question" forever.

Yoshinari Nashiki (Music Production Advisor)