Wabi-sabi (the aesthetic sensibility conveyed through Japanese art, emphasizing transience, quiet simplicity, imperfection, and subdued refinement), which underlies Japanese traditions, such as the gardens, haiku, and tea ceremony, is inherited in this album “in-between,” whose minimalistic musicality denies gaudiness or affectation while relying on exquisitely good timing, called “間 - ma” in Japanese.

In Between


Kashiwamori Osamu Quartet

The music retains the cool beauty and tranquility found in Japanese black lacquer. It's reminiscent of the way a black coat changes its tone as the light hits the surface. In spite of its withered, zen-like quietude, the music shakes the sensibility and imagination of the listener because simplicity and minimalism create pure, compelling beauty. At the same time, these pure-black string works retain a strong sense of Japanese emotion called “あわれ - aware” - of the sadness or pathos of things.

This sense of sadness sometimes sinks way deeper down until it approaches the core of a Bashyo-style haiku, the idea of immutability that transcends time, beckoning the listener into a mysterious religious realm.

Daisuke Muraoka (Production Staff / Overseas Sales)


The composer/producer Nashiki and the members of the Kashiwamori Osamu Quartet.


The Kashiwamori Osamu Quartet is a classical quartet performing around the Kansai area, composed of the following members:

Osamu Kashiwamori, a Japanese cellist who plays for the Kansai 21st Century Symphony Orchestra and the Kansai Chamber Music Association.

Keiichi Nishimura, a Japanese violinist and the musical director of the Osaka Vivaldi ensemble and the Kobe Mozart ensemble.

Tadaaki Kamikawa
, a Japanese violinist and a member of the Kansai 21st Century Symphony Orchestra.

Arata Yamagiwa
, a Japanese violist who plays regularly with the Nara Philharmonic Orchestra.