We make music.
Not as a band.
Not as entertainers.
Not as composers or lyricists.
Not as performers or vocalists.
Unleashed from stereotypes and preconceptions,
being free and liberated,
as "naked" human beings,
we create music as the "Nash."

For drive,
and to turn the very existence of us
into music,
we are here
to make music as the "Nash."

We believe,
throughout our long history,
that music is, after all, "sound."
We do not need
alternatives to sound,
music as a means or method to accomplish some other purpose
such as entertainment or business
or agitation, status, or fashion doesn't interest us.
Music has no need to represent such temporary frivolous things.



We stay holed up in our studio
to create "sound" uninterrupted.
For the pursuit of amusement?
Technical appetite?
Intellectual construction?
Emotional output?
Past rumination?
Giving birth to the new by grasping the old?
Sheer playfulness, or a quest for the truth?
It doesn't matter what the motive is.
Music is the manifestation of human life, a reverberation/expression, which comes into "sound" in a fundamental way.
Just like colors, shapes, or words,
it's the "sound" that exists in ultimate independence.

We determine what we create ourselves.
We decide independently how to make and administer our works.

We are the "Nash."
We have no purpose other than making music,
exploring sound, and we set no limit on ourselves.
After numerous trials and errors,
let the age discover the place, framework, and approach called "Nash."
This is us.

Yoshinari Nashiki (Music Production Advisor)